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The Ultimate Waterslide! It's Real And It Offers Adrenaline!

Monday, 29 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Who doesn't love water parks?

They have this magical power to make you feel as a child again! Children are more daredevil than adults and a water park sounds for them as a heaven on Earth! As a child, I remember waiting patiently on the line for my favorite waterslide, no matter if it was freaking hot...I even forgot to eat, the only thing I really cared about is to endless descents!

As an adult I haven't visited a water park for many years now but this one made me wanna be a child again and even ignore the sun, the dangers and go there ASAP!

This magnificent slide is located in Waco, Texas at BSR Wake Park. In addition to the awesome waterslides, they operate a wakeboard park that pulls riders on cables for a boat-free experience. What sets this slide apart from the rest is its thrill-inducing ramps that launch the rider high into the air, where many of the braver and more acrobatic enthusiasts perform flips and shit. The park, which was voted the #1 wake park in the US in 2013, built the slide with three channels side by side, each with a different sized ramp at the end.

The largest of the three chutes, dubbed “Royal Flush”, is touted as the world’s longest and tallest chute water slide. Adrenaline junkies rush down the slide in all manner of ways: head first, feet first, on tubes and even on a bicycle, finishing in a spectacular, gravity defying arc before hitting the water with a splash.

It really offers you a mix of feelings that I've missed for quite some time now! As you can relax in the lazy can at the same time have a unique injection of adrenaline while descending these waterslides!

I don’t know about you, but after seeing this video I know where I’m headed the next time I’m in Texas!

Sources: Sun Gazing, ROUND III MEDIA

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