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Samsung Holds The Key For A Safer Future On The Streets!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
A "see through" truck! Wow!

You are in a hurry and a big truck is delaying you, so you are on alert to overtake this huge vehicle...chances are to take the risk for a reckless overtake that may end up to a collision, probably fatal...This is an everyday scenario at the streets of Argentina!

In a bid to reduce traffic accident casualties, Samsung Argentina mounted displays on large trucks to make them “transparent.” The idea dates back to the Transparentius concept by Art Lebedev from 2009.

The Safety Truck is a bit different from its fellow gigantic vehicles – instead of obscuring most of the view; it actually shows the driver what’s going on ahead of the wheeled leviathan.

It appears it can lessen the risk of overtaking by giving the motorist behind a wider range of sight. The Safety Truck is equipped with cameras mounted in the truck’s front bumper which then feeds the view through four screens at the back of the trailer. This gives drivers a clear view of what’s ahead and makes safer decisions when overtaking. The system also works at night thanks to a night vision mode, reducing the danger factor even further.

Have a look to the better and safer future on the streets!

Overtaking a huge truck feels very dangerous, and that's because it is. Overtaking, in general, is the most dangerous highway maneuver, not that you can pull a random J-turn or drift.

A common cause of head-on collisions, which has witnessed a worrying increase, is that drivers are in a rush to overtake on bends despite the possibility of another vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Such collisions are usually fatal. Official statistics inform us that 80 per cent of the fatal road accidents involve those in the young age group. The obvious inference is that these ‘dare devils’ do not keep their passion for reckless overtaking under control. Wrong and reckless overtaking must be curbed.

It may be really expensive to equip a truck with this technology but life is priceless and not only in Argentina but all over the world!

Credits: Leo Burnett

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