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Precious Unlimited Love...Mother's Body Slows Down An SUV And Saves Her Children!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
What an awesome story, made me cry!

How big a mother's love is for her children? She would move mountains for her children and give her life in a heartbeat to save theirs. And how does end?

This unbelievable story happened a long time order to honor their mother who literally sacrificed her "life" for her children, her daughters made a heart melting tribute to their guardian angel on Earth their beloved mother!

These girls can thank their mother for pulling off the ultimate sacrifice. Their family's story is so gut-wrenching and compelling that you will need to stick around until the very end of their video to see what happened...

The love of a mother for her children has no limits. You get superhuman strength in times like these and you can do things you have no idea you can do. I bet as that car rolled over the mother her only thought was please God save my children. I am so proud of her and her family which knows the gift of complete love.

What a wonderful statement of love for someone so brave! She is a total inspiration!

And remember to tell your parents «thank you" and "I love you" in every doesn't have to be on Mother's Day, it has to be every day!

Credits: Chloe Veron

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