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It's Never Been Easy To Digitize, Until Now!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
I need to do this!

Turn all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared and enjoyed on every modern device!

Every family has a box of old VHS video tapes, pictures, or film reels that you just assumed were never going to be viewed again. If you want to preserve the homemade videos and memories they contain then transferring the tapes onto a computer is the ideal way to go. By saving them in a new, updated format you can easily share them with others, edit the content, and watch videos without having to break out the old VHS player.

In this quick how-to video CNET senior editor, Donald Bell, walks us through the process of transferring VHS tapes to a computer. He makes clear the point that this is for archiving home video footage only and not copyrighted TV shows or movies. It is illegal to duplicate and/or distribute those programs and doing so violates their copyrighted content and can get you in a lot of unnecessary trouble. To do this transfer you need a VCR player with audio and video output, VHS tape(s), a computer with room on the hard drive, and a compatible adapter to connect the computer and VCR. An hour of video will take up approximately 750 megabytes of storage on your computer’s hard drive, so if you prefer to save space on your computer use an external hard drive. Also, the adapter must be compatible with the type of computer you’re using, a PC or Mac, or it just won’t work.

Watch and learn!

Now you can burn the videos onto DVDs or transfer them to other computers and throw out the bulky VHS tapes or put them in storage for good!

For those of us who have lived in the 80's and 90's VCR player isn't a's our childhood and it may sounds like the ice age - for the younger generations - as technology is constantly being improved and it's time to preserve all that memories and dreamy time we had in our childhood!

I am sure I am going to find some hidden treasures in those boxes left in the basement for ages!

Credits: CNET

Share this useful video with friends and family and be prepared for a dive in the past!

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