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Breathtaking Land Art: Amazingly Beautiful Geometry

Thursday, 25 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Air, sand and water three elements equal life!
To make art all you need is imagination and nature! Nature is the greatest artist and as long as people follow its example...miraculous artworks will always exist! Despite the fact that this unique achievement was made 18 years ago it is still out there in the desert of Egypt showing that when you cooperate with nature, wear isn't a problem!
A cloud of warm breath into the cold winter air, a couple of steps onto the sand; the visible signs of man’s bodily existence flash for a moment before they get scattered by the wind or washed away by the sea. Other times he struggles to tame the earth, measure, transform or scar it, in order to make a better living.
Earth and breath are the prime materials and the main subjects in a significant part of this artist's work. Here we shall take a look at three different “breaths”: a long one into timelessness, a deep one into memory and a sharp one into consciousness.
In “Desert Breath” (1997) Danae Stratou created a giant artwork of 100,000m2 consisting of two interlocking logarithmic spirals of 178 cones, one of protruding and one of incised cones of sand, that get bigger as we move from the center to the outer part of the work. At the center there is a small circular water pond.

Viewed from above, the Land Art project Desert Breath looks too perfect to be real.

Desert Breath still exists today, literally showing the shifting sands of time as it merges once again with the surrounding desert. You can see it from the sky on Google Maps, along with images of its present state.

Danae Stratou claims at her site: "I imagine two parallel realities in the way that we view the world. There is the world inside and the world outside of us. It is through the senses that we are able to connect the inside to the outside world. My whole life, including the choice to become an artist, has been an attempt to re-search, to understand, and to connect these two parallel realities. To bridge what is within to what is without…"

As Seen on Google Maps/Earth Today
27°22’50.10″N, 33°37’54.62″E

Artwork and Photos by D.A.ST. Arteam

Sources: Twisted Sifter, Danae Stratou

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