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Barbie Makeup VS Plain Face!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Beauty cut in the middle: concealed or natural?

Women are obsessed with makeup and beauty products. Every day, another makeup artist is on the rise, and her job is to paint the queue filled with women waiting to get their faces transformed. We love fashion; we want to look good! But where standart ends and where obsession begins?

While we all can’t be professional makeup artists like Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials, makeup is one of the easier, more cost effective ways of changing things up on a day to basis, without ever having to do anything permanent, allowing women to wipe it all off at the end of the night and start fresh all over again in the morning.

Although some people would argue that wearing makeup is a way of covering up natural beauty, or portraying an unnatural version of you, makeup is something that should be embraced and actually has been embraced by many for hundreds of years, as seen in the Cut Video that breaks down 100 years of beauty in just minutes.

Nikkie’s passion and love for makeup made her an expert! In the following video she demonstrates how a face can be transform will the use of makeup and of course by the hands of an expert!

She's beautiful either way...It is time to stop condemning those that know how to leverage their beauty.

Why do we accept men faces & flaws yet women are put down for them? Make up is as billion dollar industry that constantly tell us we need make up...

Use make-up to Compliment, not to Compensate... there's enough insecurity around the world and loads of people both men and women wearing masks to cover up their shadows. We need more people proud of natural looks...but little glory and shine now and then is always welcome!

Remember that having a little fun with your makeup “IS NOT A CRIME”!

Credits: NikkieTutorials

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