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Attention Parents And All Tech lovers!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Your child may be in danger of getting “text neck.”

A new physical ailment is affecting the tech-savvy generation. Some youngsters are spending as much as 5,000 hours a year reading their cell phones, leading to chronic pain known as "text neck" and doctors say it could cause serious damage."

What’s being called “text neck” is becoming more and more common among children, doctors are saying.

Sarah Atchison, a 14-year-old from Littleton, Colorado is one such of these cases. After complaining of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain she was seen at the hospital, and added to a growing list of patients. The only thing that helps her now is her chiropractor, and a lot of physical therapy.

Whether it’s instant messaging, texting, social media or video games, kids these days can usually be found with their faces lit up by one little screen or another. This causes a problem however; due to the way we hold our phones, looking down constantly is causing the natural curve in our necks to reverse.

In order not to be strict and advice all parents to take away all the devices from the children, we should all take into consideration of a wiser use of these devices! Technology may has opened new paths and offered a lot of facilitations but unfortunately we pay the equivalent price!

Credits: 7 NEWS - The Denver Channel

Share this information with others in order to avoid an epidemic!

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