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An Incredible Series Of Images That In Its Silence Makes It All The More Powerful.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Watching this brief preview of the film is almost enough to turn anyone vegan!

They are creatures that brought to life to live it...However these living, breathing, feeling creatures are used to produce food for humans, under horrendous, automated conditions!

We over consume as people. Unfortunately we abuse animals in the process. There has to be change. We all know by now that the average pack of meat bought in a supermarket is the result of an industrialized process, which has little to do with images of green pastures and happy cows in a field!

“Samsara” is the Sanskrit term for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The video is a 5 minute clip from SAMSARA, a 100 minute documentary focusing on our global culture of consumption and production. The video clip emphasizes the difficulties and inhumanity of the current meat production system, not just for the animals, but also for the humans who work in the meat industry. The full-length documentary places an emphasis on civilization around the world.

Everything shown in the film is a robotic, industrial process. There is no farm, no dirt, no grass, there are no farmers, no barns. Even the people working in these food factories appear to be robotic in their actions.

The statement made on this video is really powerful! Many eat more than they need out of gluttony. If more people ate healthy and didn't overindulge so often, there would be less need to "mass-produce" these animals.

Whether or not one chooses to eat meat is one thing, but eating too much of it, literally more than one needs, is another. People ought to be moderate and treat their body and the food they put into it with respect!

It's all based on supply and demand. If there were not so many buyers, this would not happen.

Credits: Baraka & Samsara

Share this enlightening clip with others so as to have struck a chord to as many people as possible!

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