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This is the most unexpected reaction of a man...Facing a shark!

Friday, 1 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Isaac Brumaghim, a native Hawaiian was out in the ocean fishing on his kayak. It was supposed to be another ordinary fishing day...but what happened made his fishing trip a lifetime experience, he'll never forget!
As he felt something pulling down his fishing rod he started pulling it out of water...and then the craziest thing happened.
After he has done all the "dirty" work, he was surprised by a visitor... one with a fin and lots of sharp teeth. A shark jumped right out of the water behind him and snatched his catch right off the hook.
Surprisingly he started laughing and shaking a bit...of course, after facing such an experience it was definitely the least he could do! I was speechless by his amazing self control...I would have started screaming and paddling like crazy up to the shore!
This is definitely a story to narrate to his children and grandchildren...and I can't imagine the magnitude that this story will take through the years...This is how myths and legends are born, isn't it?

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Credits: Isaac Brumaghim

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