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They kept missing things until they put cameras...It wouldn't even cross your mind who the culprit was!

Friday, 1 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
For quite some time now the residents in a neighborhood of San Mateo, California, were uneasy, as several items kept going missing from their homes without any reasonable explanation. It wasn't the value of the things that made them upset but mostly the suspicion that a thief was there in their midsts. They all had lost their sleep. The residents and local authorities were eager to put an end to all of the robberies, so cameras were set up throughout the neighborhood. They were determined to catch the cat burglar, whoever it was. Or whatever it was. What the cameras revealed made all laughing with relief!
It was Dusty! A kleptomaniac cat that made nightly raids on San Mateo neighborhood! Unbelievable yet true!

Eventually the cameras did their job and revealed the naughty burglar who captured in action!
Thankfully there wasn’t a dangerous and evil person among them…just a kleptomaniac kitty!
Dusty has a more waddling gait than most cat burglars, but he always works under cover of darkness.
His owners, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, knew he brought some miscellaneous items home.
His name is Dusty. His owners, Jim Coleman and Jean Chu, knew he brought some miscellaneous items home.
In fact, anything that can be carried by a cat was at risk including underwear, sponges and cuddly toys…
However they couldn’t imagine that all these came from their neighbors’ houses. And that Dusty has caused all this panic to the neighborhood!
His biggest loot was when in just one evening, he visited 11 homes and brought home gifts to his owners. Here is a footage to see for yourself what Dusty is capable of...
One possible explanation for this behaviour is that Dusty thinks he is going hunting and is bringing back presents for his owner. A normal cat would bring dead mice of course, you have to be a most unusual cat to choose underwear…LOL

Source: Viralnova
Credits: Animal Planet

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