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It was a great surprise both for the homeless man and the man who wanted to offer him little something for help!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Two volunteers from ReKindle, a non-profit charity, started walking the streets of Chicago passing out backpacks full of food, socks and toiletries to the city’s homeless. When they approached Albert to give him one of the backpacks a surprise waited both the 66-year-old homeless man and the volunteers, as Albert coincidentally that day had his birthday! He is so overjoyed with his amazing gifts and he reveals his only wish for the last five years...He loves spending his birthday watching a movie, but this year had no money! Upon hearing that Albert loves movies, the volunteer immediately whips out his wallet and passes the man money for a ticket and gets the chance to make the man’s birthday a little brighter and us crying as watching!

Albert can’t believe his luck, breaking down and crying tears of joy. The birthday boy thanks the surprise gift-giver with an emotional hug.
What a blessing both for Albert and the volunteers...This is the true meaning of volunteer, bring joy and happiness to people they really need it! They must have felt so proud seeing what they have offered, fulfilled a man's birthday wish!


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