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It Has Nothing To Do With Beauty Nor With Attire...It's All About Sick Minds And Even Violent Instincts!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Street harassment is a form of violence psychological or physical that almost every woman has been faced in her life! This video is a protest of some women who have been disturbed or harassed in the middle of the street, at the subway and generally when they are out there trying to reach work or home.

As you will see and hear it doesn't matter how they look or being's how some men think they have the right to insult or make them feel uncomfortable. It is really insane that most women instead of answer back, they feel like they are the ones with the wrong attitude and that they provoke the harassment!

As a proof to those testimonies, one of those women accepted to wear a hidden camera to show how many times in a day she gets harassed! You may think that her outfit it's kinda provocative...but that doesn't give the right to no one to treat her insultingly! I really wonder is this the modern world we've all been talking about.
It's certainly crazy to get up in the morning and be so anxious about your outfit and scared about what you may hear on your way to work...This is not an ordinary life!

Credits: Vocativ

Share these serious testimonies to help other women and even prevent some perverts from being such a pain in the ass!

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