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Is it really the bike of the future? Definitely yes! Find out what is considered to be far the ultimate urban utility bicycle!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
A new concept design hailed as the ultimate urban utility bicycle is to be manufactured and sold by Fuji Bikes.
The bike, dubbed the “Denny,” was crowned the winner this week at the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project competition. The contest pitted five teams from across the country (each a collaboration between a bike company and a design firm) against each other in the creation of the “ultimate urban utility bike.”
The Seattle-inspired cycle grabbed the attention with its removable handlebar locking system and electric drive pedal assist. Other techie features include an automatic gear shifter, removable battery, minimalistic "fenders," integrated storage and a full set of lights.
The winning project was collaboration between Seattle frame builders Sizemore Bicycles and Teague, a product design company whose portfolio includes the Polaroid camera, UPS truck, Pringles canister and the Xbox.
Being the coolest kid in the bike lane comes at a cost; Fuji Bikes will manufacture the winning design for roughly $3,000. The Denny should hit stores in 2015 — just enough time to start putting away some cash for one of these trusty steeds.

Credits: TEAGUE

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