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How much does an appendectomy cost? Well if you are in the US it will ONLY cost you 55,000! Outrageous...

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
When a 20-year-old man got over the pain of having his burst appendix removed in October, he got hit with a hospital bill he wasn't expecting.
The bill from Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, Calif., said the total charges were $55,029.31! Thankfully the patient owed only $11,119.23 because his insurance had covered the rest.
Shocked, the patient took to Reddit to post the bill and vent his frustrations among others who have faced the same broken hospital system.
Take a look yourselves to find out that a country so advanced in many levels is so retrogressive as far as it concerns its health system! It is indeed outrageous to find out that in other countries which are not a few, medical expenses may not even exist! Meaning that a person enters a hospital, has his treatment and owes nothing on his way out! And in the US for such a routine surgery the bill costs almost an annual salary!

Here is the bill that the young man received a couple of months later from his hospitalization. It is clearly seen that the original cost was over $55,000.Due to the fact that the 20 year-old man was on his father's insurance, the cost was lowered to $11,000.
Still this amount is extremely high! Imagine that according to the analysis of the bill, $4,500 was for anesthesia and the patient was also charged $7,500 for a two-hour stay in a recovery room!
The actual surgery cost $16,000.

This bill caused quite an uproar. As an answer and complaint to this manipulation, citizens of other countries shared their own experiences from their hospitalization in their countries. Check them out and you will be speechless!

An Australian with appendicitis never even saw a bill.
A Canadian's mother had foot surgery and her only charge was $60...for cable.
A Malaysian paid the equivalent of $25 for an appendectomy.

And then other Americans gave their two cents (or hundreds of thousands of dollars):

This American got cancer and had to file for bankruptcy. At age 24.
His cousin died because he had reached his "lifetime limit" for treatment. He was 27.
$2000 for a night's stay, a juice box and a pill.
In fairness, the $55,000 appendectomy was not reflective of the average cost for such surgery in the United States. Depending on geographic location, specific services needed, type of hospital, and other factors, the price can fluctuate. However, compared to other countries, the United States still ranks the highest overall [2], according to the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP). The IFHP releases data annually that compares the cost of specific services from country to country.

Since the United States’ private medical industry does not set their rates centrally, like most countries do, the IFHP lists average ranges for each of our services. In the case of an appendectomy, the range of cost was between $8,156 and $29,426 in 2012. (dailyhealthpost)

Here is not a court and of course I am not a judge! But one thing is for sure as a citizen of a country who pays his taxes and is a good member of society, he deserves to be treated as a person, mostly when he is in need! Please try to remain healthy and away from hospitals!

Source: Viralnova

Share this unfair bill with others to bring awareness about how difficult it will be for Americans to hospitalize in case their insurance won’t cover the entire bill…

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