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Can you imagine such devotion from a brother to his younger disabled brother?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Meet Noah Aldrich and his younger brother Luke. They are "inseparable," which explains how they completed a whole triathlon together, with Noah pulling and pushing his disabled brother along the length of the entire course.
This courageous, fit 8-year-old carried his disabled brother Lucas through his community's YMCA Kids Club triathlon — swimming, running, and biking — and it was all because he wanted to prove his little brother's disability makes him no different than other kids.
Noah’s brother, Luke, suffers from Lissencephaly, a disease that affects the central nervous system. He’s unable to do the most basic of things, like talk and eat. But his big brother doesn’t care about that. His big brother takes him wherever he goes.
He trained for three months by pushing Lucas in a large stroller, swimming with him in a boat that he pulled along, and by cycling with his little brother in a stroller on the back of his bike.
On July 12, the road was long, with many a winding turn. But Noah Aldrich knew he was strong enough to carry his disabled brother Lucas through a gruelling triathlon.
He pulled the six-year-old along in a rubber dinghy as he completed a 200-metre swim – before pedalling 4.8km (three miles) with his sibling riding in a trailer behind him
Then it was time for the last leg, a 1.6km (one-mile) run pushing Lucas in a buggy. Parents Brian and Alissa cheered as their children crossed the finish line.
“They have an amazing bond. They’re best friends and they do everything together,” mom Alissa Aldrich says. “The connection and the love that they share is truly unique.”
The boys took part in the triathlon wearing 'Lucas House' t-shirts, which is a place run by the Aldrich family intended for children with life-threatening conditions and their families to visit, receiving respite and end of life care where needed.
We overuse the word hero a lot. We use it for people who don’t really inspire us. We use it for things that are not at all heartwarming. Thankfully, we have real heroes like 8-year-old Noah Aldrich, who carried, pushed and pulled his disabled brother through an entire triathlon. His reasoning was simple–“he’s just like any other kid out there.” Well done Noah, you are my hero and I hope you will continue to love and support your brother!

Source: The open mind

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