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When you have rhythm inside you, nothing can prevent you from dancing...Not even lots of extra pounds!

Monday, 28 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Whitney Way Thore from North Carolina has proven once and for all that size does not matter when it comes to busting a move.
When she was young she loved to dance. She always had a passion for music and dance, so she grew up to become a radio producer. She stopped dancing though, as she had gained too much weight over the years. Her weight stripped away her self confidence and she was miserable.
She has struggled a lot to lose weight so she can be able to dance again but due to a problem diagnosed several years ago, polycystic ovarian syndrome, she realized that her 200lb weight gain was a part of her life she didn’t want to feel ashamed of. It was time for a change. So, she decided to fight for it and she began dancing again without shame. She is aware of her condition but she wants to prove the world that you can dance at ANY size!
Watch her impressive skills on the dance floor and you will be amazed!
Whitney wants to banish body shame by showing off her impressive moves, so she has launched the No Body Shame Campaign to encourage women to accept and love themselves no matter what size they are. She has the rhythm inside her and she proves it as she is performing in front of the camera excellently! Besides her incredible moves I also admire her courage to communicate her problem and her confidence to other people facing similar problems!

Credits: Jared Katie

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