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What would you do if you knew that this is the last day of your beloved canine? Here is a heartbreaking but absolutely superb last day on earth for Dukey, a faithful and unforgettable friend!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
This Duke Roberts and in the following photos you will witness how difficult is to know that these are the last moments you spend with your pet. It certainly needs a lot of courage to avoid crying and being in a great mood just to make sure your quadruped is having the best time ever as it is its last. Be sure you are having near you a lot of tissues; because I'm sure you want be able to stop your tears...

Note: The photos and captions on this post have been reproduced as they originally appeared on photographer Robyn Arouty’s blog.

I am Duke Roberts and this is my last day on earth.

My family had a great farewell party for me, where I ate a lot of hamburgers. I really loved it!

We spend time together and everybody was cheerful and laughed a lot...
I really love them all and I’ll surely miss them all...It is so hard to leave this place...
We said jokes and remembered all the funny moments we had shared in the past, especially those when I was naughty but no one cared anymore!
There were moments though we got a bit serious given the situation.
After a while my friends from next door came joined the party. They’re twins. When someone offered them one of my hamburgers, one said, “No thank you. I don’t want to take any from Dukey.”
I was really happy when Kristen came to my party. She is my buddy and my groomer. He had a great time together and I love her gentle caress!
When I thought the fun was over, someone proposed to go a fantastic place where everybody would have fun. The splash park near to our house was our next station...So the party continued!
On our way there I had a little time with Kristen.
I looked her deep in the eyes just to make her realize how much I am going to miss her.
“What about you Kristen? Will you remember me when I’m gone?”
“Please try to comfort my beloved family...I'll be watching them from above!”
After some serious talk, we started to have fun! We got so wet!
I felt so happy, look at me I am smiling!
What a dreamy day and how grateful I am
They even let me do whatever I wanted!
The park was full of kids, which I love! Especially my two babies at home who I love to protect and play endlessly!
And after I took some time to rest...the vet came.
I feel so blessed having felt no pain, even though the tumor grew so big.
The gentle touch of my beloved ones was my last sense and also the best!
I said goodbye to all, I lived a happy life with these people sharing love, care and lots of fun!
Well, I didn’t say goodbye. I said ’til we meet again.
Even if we didn't have much time together I feel blessed meeting you guys. Thank you for the second chance you gave me, even for the last day. It was great. I'll be missing you a lot and whenever you look up at the sky I’ll be watching you too.
Dukey left for his last journey...
And here’s Dukey’s adoption video from three years ago.
So touching story! Rest in peace Dukey, you were a lucky dog. Separations are always hard and difficult but this fellow felt the love till his last moment. I wish there were more people with such feelings and so big heart out there to ease the pain and the fear for those who leave the world...

Sources: BuzzFeed, Robyn Arouty

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