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Unbelievable...yet true! An amazing video showing a shoal of orcas chasing a boat!

Monday, 28 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
What an unforgettable experience was this trip to La Pas in Mexico was hiding for Rich and Laura Howard. The couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary on day cruise during their trip was given an unforgettable memory when a pod of 20 killer whales followed the wake of their boat for an hour.
While they were diving off the coast of La Paz, their dive instructor signaled for them to return to their boat.
Obeying his instructions, the keen ocean photographer and his wife discovered to their disbelief that they were fast being approached by a group of 4-5ft dorsal fins. Thankfully they filmed the incredible sighting so that we'll be able to witness the extraordinary chasing of the killer whales!
As you can assume by their reactions this was an amazing and precious gift for their anniversary. A moment that they shared with their family that no one would ever forget!
Watching this video and these incredible beasts swimming and jumping out of the water like dolphins made me think that no matter how dangerous an animal can always has its moments of being even cute! However I wouldn't dare approach it!

Credits: RichardMHoward

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