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The most precious reward for saving these dogs’ lives!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
An amazingly helpful and invigorating project has launched by The Lost Dogs Home of Australia. In order to save the dogs that ended up in their shelter the head of the shelter came up with an amazing proposal. Instead of trying to encourage people to save the lives of dogs, they started a campaign that would encourage dogs to save the lives of office workers and “walk them” on their break.
The “Human Walking Program,” is a groundbreaking idea that both saves the lives of the homeless dogs and offers a great opportunity to thousands of office workers to leave their desks and spend their breaks enjoying themselves outside by the fellowship of an adorable canine!

These employees gained back their cheer us they have found a perfect companion to spend their break from work out of the four walls of the office!
Could you imagine this adorable dog being on a shelter and unwanted?
Thankfully this dog and many others are now needed and loved by the office employees who owe them their better life!
Watch the video below to see how this project ran and encouraged numerous people to follow them to the nearest park!
It is scientifically proven that the company of a pet has amazing results to the human psychology and here is the proof! Almost 5,000 office workers and 5,000 different dogs were saved, thanks to this brilliant idea! So, if you are seriously thinking of getting a pet you should visit a dog rescue! It is definite that there you will find an new best friend which will reward you for saving his life by saving yours not to mention that it will make it better!

Credits: Jake Barrow
Source: Viralnova

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