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Payback time...Her grandmother raised her and now she is carrying on her back as she is unable to walk!

Monday, 28 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Huang Lihua was raised by her grandmother, as her parents had to work. She has moved to her grandmother's house since she was a little girl and they have lived together in the countryside. Through those years they have created an amazing bond. Her granny raised her with love and taught her to respect people and offer her help selflessly.
So, now Huang at the age of 24 made her grandmother so proud as she is repaying all the good things she has learned from her, to the person she loves and respects the most, her 88-year-old granny!
As she is old and tired enough her grandmother can’t walk, so Huang who now owns a successful restaurant, without hesitation or begrudge, she carries the old woman on her back until they reach the restaurant!

Here are the two generations doing their ordinary route to the restaurant!
She tells the Daily Mail, "My grandmother was very kind taking me with her everywhere. She never left me locked up in the house, if she was going to the market or visiting friends or working in the fields, she took me along."
“The time there with my grandmother was one of the happiest of my life.”
When Likua left the countryside, she took her granny with her despite the fact that her family was a bit coy about the granny’s reactions in the city.
But as Lihua explains, “There is always something going on and plenty of people to talk to, and now she is happy in the city.”
“She sits outside the front and watches life go by and I can see that she is content.”
And her grandmother agrees saying, “I wouldn’t miss my visits there for anything.”
This is an amazing example of love and devotion! It’s hard getting older and feeling weak and unable to do things. The worst though is when your children aren't by your side...It's a circle and the way that life goes, when you are young you need your parents to raise you and when they are getting old the roles change, they need us to help them. Remember: where you are now, they were and where they are now, you will be!

Sources: Viralnova, Elitedaily

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