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Overcoming his "embarrassing" difficulty...Stands in front of his class and gains their heartwarming applause!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
A teacher and a doctor can save or waste your life...Here is a touching example of how a teacher finds the solution to this teen’s stammer and makes him so confident that he can make a speech in front of his class leaving them all speechless! Being a teacher means to support your kids to find the most convenient way to express themselves free of fear and embarrassment and this gifted person made it. Realizing that that some people like Musharaf "Mushy" Asghar need to learn in a different way from the norm, without being bullied for it, he came up with a great idea that made this kid more self confident that ever! And when he feels ready enough he does the unexpected...
Well done both the teacher and especially Musharraf! What an amazing inspiration that brought this teen in front of the whole class ready to read loud and clear his speech. I really loved the teachers’ reaction mainly, which show how much they loved this kid! Excellent cooperation...really moving result!

Credits: James Martin

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