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Lilica, The Robin Hood of a Brazilian junkyard animals'. Risking her life she endures a dangerous route to feed animals in need.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Three years ago, Lilica was abandoned in a junkyard where she found love but because of the poverty, food was rare. So, this compassionate dog decided to take control of the difficult situation that faced both she and some neighboring animals and travelled 4 miles away to find her animal lover teacher who had literally saved her life and other animals' too.
The most incredible thing though happened when Lilica ate the food offered from the teacher, what was left in the bag she grabbed it and carried it with her...that was for her friends back in the junkyard! Can you imagine such selflessness from a hungry dog?
Watch the video below to find out the unbelievable story of Lilica!
This amazing dog is risking its life every night just to feed other animals too. It is a lesson to all of us who rarely would risk so much in order to see some other people beyond close family happy and satisfied! God bless you Lilica, the Robin Hood of the junkyard! Be careful of the running cars! And God bless Mrs. Lucia too, who with her love and food supports Lilica and her friends!

Credits: tribalistnyc

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