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Lack of money yes...lack of inspiration definitely NO! DIY! Hilarious repairs that will make you laugh out loud!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Are you a handy type? These people thought they were...I admire those people who refuse to let others fix things for them as they think of themselves as crafty! However sometimes things are not working exactly as they have planned yet they will persuade you that this is a functional way too! Here are the most hilarious DIY inspirations!

1.) Really is this working? Does it have a reverse gear too?
2.) Knock knock!
3.) I wonder what happened to the poor guy who was swinging at the right swing.
4.) Let’s hope the boots were recently cleaned!
5.) False calculation however a good inspiration!

6.) Besides rolling stones there rolling bottles!
7.) Appropriate only for solid food…anything with sauce will ruin the fantastic solution!
8.) “Don’t worry honey were are safe!”
9.) Giving it a second thought you can have a side table!
10.) Once you pop, the car will stop.
11.) Thanks for the advice!
12.) This is unique turning on the lights out of the car!
13.) Seriously?!?
14.) Carplane you have permission to take off!
15.) Mirror Mirror.

16.) And what exactly that’s for?
17.) I’d like to buy the world a muffler.
18.) You can afford a BMW but you can’t afford the rear wiper?
19.) Excellent design…oh is that your car door???
20.) Spare a door of a wardrobe, attach it to your van!
Seriously now are these things for real or just a prank? Are people out there who think that these are solutions and continue to make use of their crazy inventions? The worst part though is to know these people and make you part of their life and solutions...How embarrassing that could be! If so lend them some money or give them the number of a technician...LOL

Source: Viralnova

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