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How ugly can you be when you are sleeping? Watch this cute cat transforming into a nasty creature when her amazing blue eyes close for a nap!

Friday, 25 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Setsu is a fluffy, snow-white cat with the most amazing blue eyes! Her look is like diving into the blue sea. And it's like she knows it and tries to magnetize you by looking straight in the eyes. Even her poses at the camera make you think that she is not just a kitty, but a creature full of wisdom and serenity...All these though chang dramatically when she goes to sleep!
Her owner Mino couldn't believe his eyes of how his angelic and unique feline could totally loose all her charm and beauty by taking a nap! Watch her transformation in the pictures below and you will be amazed!

Setsu has a look that reveals calm and wisdom and you just love to watch her!
The amazing combination of the pure white fur and the most amazing blue eyes - bigger than normal - this Japanese cat can only be a hero of a fairy tale! You just can't take your eyes of her!
What a photogenic little this possible to change?
Unfortunately Setsu is changing totally, like a confirmation that she is the hero of a fairy tale...the enchanted kitten! As she is sleeping nothing reminds you of her gorgeous look!
It's like she has been replaced by an ordinary cat...all that beauty is lost!
Every coin has two has Setsu! Thankfully her beautiful side is so spectacular that rewards you for the nightmare you think you are watching as she is taking a nap...However I must admit that these are the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen!

Share Setsu’s unique cat eyes with others. They’re both too beautiful – and weird – to miss!

Source: Viralnova

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