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He Thought Nobody's Watching...So He Decided To Share An Intimate Moment With His New Born Brother! Words Are Not Enough...

Friday, 25 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Young children tend to imitate their parents, so this 6-year-old boy who was allowed to hold his newborn baby brother for the very first time, with a gentle touch and his angelic voice tried to imitate his parents and he did the most adorable and sweetest thing.
Like a grownup he held the infant in his small but really steady hands and started singing a beautiful lullaby to his brother...
This moment they shared, the older brother hasn't noticed he was being watched...but he didn't care! He just wanted to welcome the new member of his family with his own sweat and loving way! I can't imagine how his parents must have felt watching sneakily and filming this wonderful incident...All this innocence brings blows your heart away!
Watch this video of amazing brotherly love, it will totally melt your heart.
With his own imagination he put his own words at this lullaby to describe all the things that he likes in this tiny little creature that is sleeping peacefully in his hands...I bet this boy was raised with lot of love and now he is capable to give it back!

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Credits: Westmore Kids

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