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Bees are the reason we taste several food...What if they stop exist? Find out how bees are poisoned and gradually will be vanished and with them a lot of food from our plates!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Are you dreaming of romantic picnics or barbeque nights with your friends and neighbors? What would you carry in your picnic basket or what would you like to be as trimmings for your barbeque? Definitely some vegetables and fruit. Sorry but that would not be able in a few years...To have in your daily diet fruits and vegetables we need the bees and as things are now they don't have much time left. Bees are in great danger and unless we do something for it, we will be able to enjoy neither a picnic nor a barbecue...Check out how bees are responsible for numerous food of our diet and how much they are threatened.
FACT CHECK TIME: Colony collapse disorder is a real thing, and it's getting serious. The USDA's Agricultural Research Service says that about one in three bites of food are pollinated by bees. It was a total mystery for years, but scientists at Harvard recently published a paper linking the die-offs to use of neonicotinoids, a particular kind of pesticide that stays in the plant throughout its life.
Unfortunately due to overpopulation the necessity for food is bigger and in order to protect the farming from several threats, they pollute both the plants and the bees. So now it’s time to save the bees and our future. It is urgent to ban all the toxic used in the agriculture!

Source: Upworthy

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