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An amazing reunion...Full of love, affection and hugs between a 10 year-old Gorilla and the man who raised him and let him free!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Among many other animals Damian Aspinall has raised, he had created this amazing relationship with a zoo-bred Lowland Gorilla, named “Kwibi". As he is an English conservationist he knew how to treat animals but when it came to “Kwibi,” had felt such a connection as he was his own son. Due to his love for the young Gorilla, which means to let those who you love live their own life Aspinall accepted to release Kwibi into the jungles of Gabon when he was just 5-years-old in 2005. Both the human and the wild animal continued their lives being many miles away from each other. After many years, Aspinall decided to track down Kwibi in 2010 and thankfully decided to record the encounter. This amazing video is the most unforgettable and heartwarming reunion between a gorilla and the man who raised him.
Despite the years they have spent separately even Aspinall was surprised of Kwibi's unbelievable welcoming. As he claimed, he didn’t really expect Kwibi to remember him…but Kwibi proved him wrong and even tried to introduce him to his new way of life. You just can't imagine how affectionate this Gorilla had become!
What an amazing friendship! And it seems like they have never been separated. It doesn't matter if he is a man and he is a wild animal, they have built an amazing friendship that lasted long time! I really loved this unbelievable experience of Aspinall as he deserved it for being a person with so much big heart. And the best proof is that Kwibi didn't forget him and showed him how much he appreciated his great behavior!

Credits: AquaVitaFilms

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