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An amazing exhibition by scrap metal!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
In South Dakota there is a gifted man who literally does miracles with his hands. He frequents through the garbage of the farmers and collects what it was considered unfixable and unwanted by the farm owners. When he gathers a respectable amount of scrap metal he begins to work...And the result we leave you speechless. Enormous, striking sculptures that laud the Old American West. It is such a fine work that you will be amazed about the size and the variety of the exhibits!

Check out in the pictures below how harmoniously are all the "useless" pieces bound together.

An amazingly huge bison
Rodeo is back!
A bison at a different pose with an American Indian bust
A metal horse that could be an exhibit in a modern art museum!
Combing Wild West with wild prehistoric era!
A philharmonic bull!
Plowing Horse…the man is real!
A moving horse
On duty!
What an amazing work! It is unbelievable what some people can do if they have inspiration and good will! If only recycled objects looked all like these...what a dreamy world would that be!

Sources: John Lopez, Viralnova

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