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Amazingly emotional separate interviews: Same questions far more different answers! Watch how these children erase their moms' fears about being good parents.

Friday, 11 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Being a parent is something that no one could learn or study at a school. Day by day you grow up with your children who totally depend on you and you always have doubts about being good enough for them. Especially during a bad day that you may not react in the most proper may not sleep at night having guilt and even cry for being a bad parent! These moms express their anxiety about their behavior but their children's statements reward them a 100%!
Share the same anxiety? Try to remember this every time feeling a wreck about your behavior! Children learn to love and behave through their parents, so whenever you feel crossing the lines, try to calm down and use the word “sorry” they will definitely understand. Parents are not gods, even if their children think of them as ones. We are humans and humans make mistakes just try to fix them with a touch, a hug and discussion!

Credits: Elevation Church

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