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A simplistic invention yet lifesaving for many people...So obvious but for some people even this is too hard to get!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Unfortunately for many people running water is not a guaranteed trait. Even in 21st century in lots of places, the infrastructure for running water is still years and years away. That means that hard working mothers are bound to carry water home in buckets really heavy causing damages to themselves. However this amount of water, most of the times are not enough so they even need their children's help.
Eventually a really helpful invention came up to ease their hard and rough daily routine to help them improve their life and offer them free up time for better things. Check out to find out what made them so happy!
The Hippo Water Roller Project made the carrying of their water supply easier and funnier at least for the children.
Can you imagine that something so simple and obvious could bring such happiness to some people? I hope this project can get it into the hands of as many families as possible and improve their lifestyle. I feel really happy when people use their brain pro bono!

Credits: hipporoller

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