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A heartbreaking message: A global union for the most melodic version of "Stand by Me"

Saturday, 26 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Angelic voices around the world express in a very touching way, the support may people need in their life from others. When it comes to music distances disappear and everyone can join this happy union!
By choosing a song widely known for its sensitive meaning and amazing melody, they manage to bring awareness to their audience...because as you can see, no one involved in this excellent choir is a "professional" musician, on the contrary some of them are people with unique instruments or no instruments at all that the only thing they want is to send a precious message concerning the necessity of help offering! Enjoy and I am sure that from now on this will be the version you would like better to hear!
Music has this magical power to bring together people from different countries, economic level, educational level and religion beliefs. This inspirational idea is part of a bigger project that will literally reach every place of the Earth to unite all the voices of the world in songs that will talk straight to the heart!

Credits: Playing For Change

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