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A few words written onto cardboard...Reveal heartbreaking stories of real homeless people.

Monday, 21 July 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
There are people living on the streets who are ex-ordinary, educated employees who had faced unfortunate incidents that drove them to beggary regardless their lost dignity. On the other hand people who live in their home safety are often judgmental or keep their distances from the homeless.
In this really enlightening video you will see some homeless people holding cardboard pieces with pithy information about their lives which we've never learned or asked them directly on the street. You will be speechless about how unfair life can be...
Life should be taken for granted, nor our achievements. No matter what we have gained, it isn't sure that it will last. Those people were gifted too, or even had a normal life but a wrong turn and ended up on the streets. So, next time you run into a homeless person don't make any assumption based on his present condition. I don't know if this attempt will help...but I hope most of us treat them better and if they can help they should!

Credits: Rethink Homelessness

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