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You wouldn’t pick this Peanut!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Remember "Gremlins"? Yes, that movie horror comedy from the 80's where the cute little creatures transformed into small, destructive, evil monsters? Well, Peanut reminds me of that movie and the mutation! However this dog's ugliness which is generally accepted and indeed Peanut won the distinction of being the “World’s Ugliest Dog” for 2014 at the Sonoma Marin Fair has an amazing story. He wasn't born like this but this is the result of abuse. This dog managed to survive after being set on fire when it was a puppy. As his owner said Holly Chandler of Greenville, South Carolina she brought Peanut to the contest intending to raise awareness around the subject of animal abuse. And I’ m sure she made it!
Chandler wants to use the national contest as a platform to bring awareness to animal abuse and the damage that it can cause. “It will not be about winning or losing. It will solely be about telling people his story and showing that we cannot stick our heads in the sand,” said Chandler. “Animal abuse happens, it is time to face it and come together to stop it.” Because of the fire, “Peanut” lost his lips so his teeth show, and his eyes don’t close because his eyelids were burned. She said many people have called her dog hideous, and she gets disgusting looks when they are out in public. But Chandler says after lots of love and understanding, “Peanut” is now a happy and healthy dog.- WITN 7

Thankfully there are people out there who love animals no matter how these look! With love and the appropriate care all these abused animals will have the chance to meet besides the tough side of life, the bright and cherishing too!

Credits: ITN

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