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The coolest mean of transportation ever!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
No more stuck in traffic, late at work or at a business appointment! This amazing new invention is made for those who want to depend only to themselves. It's not an pipe dream anymore it's a reality and you can have it! It can carry you long distances without dealing with traffic, delays or even strikes.
This magnificent project is the brainchild of a company in the UK. It offers absolute freedom to your transportation through the city and it is rather easy and fun to drive it! For those hesitating…probably at first you would need some lessons to figure out how to use it perfectly and then the roads are open for you!

It seems so easy to ride on it that you don’t need both your legs!
You can ride it on, wearing your suit and you would never be late at work again!

Walking your dog would be fun for both of you!
Enjoying a ride at a quite road…
The AirWheel is here to stay and make our lives better! In the video below you'll watch a demonstration of how easy it is to ride it and how it works. It's what I call the coolest invention ever!
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Credits: Airwheel

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