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Salty and perfectly promotional restaurants' names!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
To start a restaurant business you definitely need a good chef, pure ingredients, nice decoration and something to make your business exceptional! It has happened lots of times to hesitate choosing a restaurant when we are going out to dinner with friends. Multiple opinions and numerous choices make us wondering what to decide. Those restaurants owners however make our choice a bit easier with the names of their business.
Playing on words they came up with amazing names that add to their restaurant the distinctive quality! Besides the excellent food and impeccable service they also offer a side of humor!

1. Bread and salads directly from heaven!
2. Delicious take away with amazing variety
3. Adventurous cuisine, avoiding disaster!
4. Little something from the past. I would love to try their specialty.
5. I wonder if the fellowship of the ring is having dinner at this place.
6. I’m coming right away!
7. I bet Abbott and Costello love this place.
8. To me this title combines tastes that get you off the ground and rapid service!
9. Fishes will be serving you tonight!
10. Poor’d better not take your kids in this restaurant, unless you explain to them first!
11. I wonder if they have any fries in ring shape.
12. Really? Just pronounce it right and then…try to eat!
13. Yumlols!
14. Where are the caws and the goats?
15. God bless us, every pun.
16. Here, you just pretend to eat the noodles.
17. Everything you dream in a breakfast, it is served here and it is delicious!
As you can see these titles were amazing and genius. I bet that only by their name they would have risen their patronage. It is hilarious!
Share these with your friends just to make sure you have variety of restaurants to choose next time you are going out!

Source: Buzzfeed

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