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Reckless people dare death! Funny but infuriating!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Have you ever been so close to death? These people have...Willfully or recklessly they had a death wish! Thankfully God wasn't busy at the time and gave them a hand! Remember though miracles happen once in a lifetime!

1. Are you familiar with ladders or construction crew?
2. He was in need of a lighter and he created a flamethrower.
3. Treat for my boy? Well, I’m sure for this creature the whole hand may seem as a treat!
4. Excellent background…kinda grave though!
5. Needed a bed?
6. This just can’t be happening!
7. Man, are you serious?
8. I want to know what happened next…The other way around maybe?
9. Are you kidding?
10. They are doing it for a few dollars…

11. Have you heard about the tire iron…
12. His new toy exactly what is needed for another forest to become ashes…
13. At least they will spent together their last moments.
14. No comment...
15. Don’t worry! I’m supposed to be a superhero…
16. Stupidity works better when you have a partner!
17. Has it ever cross your mind that this may not work?
18. Many people…a lot of stupidity joined together!
19. Sureal...
20. Hey look at me…I figure it out it was the chair that would hold me up!
21. The bulldozers seem to be a rather often solution
22. Amazing constructions instead of a taller ladder!
23. Poor guy…he couldn’t afford the expenses of a repair shop but he could pay it with his life!
24. This is beyond stupidity…this is insane!
25. Seeking in a place in Guinness? I bet is the winning prize of the most stupid people!
26. Hang in there woman!
27. Are you out of your mind?
28. Poor scooter!

30. What on earth he’s doing up there?
31. Last time I checked people didn’t have wings.
32. Focus…Absolutely but where on?
33. Collateral damages…
Einstein once said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former”. I couldn’t agree more!

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Source: Viralnova

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