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Never give up! A life lesson…

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
She has been told that because of her age she had to return her drive license. A 98 year old woman named Evelyn lost her license – not because of any accidents, but because of her age. However she felt capable enough to drive and proved them wrong! Living in a retirement home she only needed the car to go to the grocery store and without the license that was impossible. Extremely clear headed and in great condition this super granny left everybody speechless and proved that getting old doesn't necessarily mean quitting...
If you are a fighter age won’t prevent you from doing what you want! Evelyn felt strong and took matters into her own hands. We live as we decide to do. Following Evelyn's example I am sure will have a better life and what we deserve! "Never giving up" was her motto that gave her a century of life!

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Credits: I Like Giving

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