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Life saving message! Please watch it!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
It is obvious that every parent loves his children and always tries to do his and her best for them! However sometimes mostly when we are in a hurry kids may be an obstacle to something to be done the lethal decision might cost a kid's life. Seriously when a parent decides to leave his child in a car alone just for a few minutes that might cost his life! The proof is this chilling film from a child safety advocate group on the effects of vehicular heat stroke! It is a realistic video that will bring awareness to the parents of how important is to avoid this reckless instant decision! Just be prepared because it is rather cruel!
I am in such a mess...It is shocking to realize that almost a thousand children have lost their lives in such a cruel way...alone in a car not able to breathe! We should stop this, so PLEASE share this life saving message with others just to prevent other innocent children's lives!

Credits: RedCastle Productions

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