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Amazingly imaginative houses where you would dream to live in!

Friday, 6 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Mostly in the suburbs neighborhoods and houses have the same pattern. It's really relaxing for the eyes to travel around beautiful houses with similar colors and delicate backyards with lawn. Moreover in that kind of neighborhoods can be developed friendships and sociable relationships following a similar lifestyle.

However to have your own house means to add your personal style in it. Choosing the neighborhood, the materials and the design of your house is a demanding and expensive pursuit which finally ends up to an extreme result. In the pictures below you will see a series of unique houses inspired by their owners. Some of them surely must have cost lots of money but they are fantastic buildings which make the absolute difference in the neighborhood wherever it is situated!

Admire the combination of originality and imagination!

1. In the middle of a field is built this grain silo home. Not only is energy efficient, but is build by recycled materials.
2. A genius idea a camouflaged house!
In a remote area in Greece they build this house into a hill! It is energy – friendly and absolutely embedded to the environment!
3. Transforming the old fashioned water tower into a modern glass house (England).
The homeowners Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce matched smoothly the stones of the water tower with modern glass to create this marvelous house in in the middle of London.
4. Fallingwater (Pennsylvania). A masterpiece of architecture is situated in the woods and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935! It was a radical building for its time but still catch your eye!
The house was designed for the Kaufmann family.

5. Drina River home (Serbia).
In the middle of the Drina River this wooden miniature house rests on that rock for 40 years! It’s reachable only by boat and offers priceless moments of relaxation!
6. The sunken modern version of the Hobbit house (Switzerland).
Although the house is build at hollowed cliff it has this amazing patio appropriate almost for everything like barbeque, taking an outdoor bath or hanging out with friends admiring the fabulous view!
7. Residence of Daisen (Japan). To fulfill their client's desire not to harm the environment, the designers of this house protected the forest by setting the edifice naturally in and out of the trees.
8. The pumpkin house (Thailand). Perfectly adjusted to the environment amongst trees and plants…
This cozy domed house cost a small amount of money and was built rapidly
The extension of the living room is this awesome tiny lake!
9. Izaak Walton Inn (Montana). It is not an abandoned wagon! On the contrary, they have taken old wagons used on the Great Northern Railway and converted in a luxury hotel!
Each one can accommodates a whole family and it is fully equipped to offer numerous amenities!
10. Nomad micro home.
Seeking for some privacy? This tiny self-sustained house would only cost $30 and can be placed everywhere, even at your backyard!
11. Hank wanted a motor vehicle, so he bought this school bus revamped it and there it is his new house and car too!
He did it all by himself and he made it! Great job Hank!
12. The 727 at Hotel Costa Verde (Costa Rica).
It’s not an airplane crashed into the forest! They have brought it deliberately to create this unique luxury hotel. They renovated the interior of the 727 Boeing, which was withdrawn years ago and adjusted to the cliff. It is an excellent result that pleases its guests!
13. Shipping container homes.
14. The Glass House (West Virginia).
Nick Olsen and Lilah Horwitz gathered old windows that have been thrown away and built their new home among a beautiful scenery.
15. Wooden house. To avoid bank foreclose Macy Miller built this tiny wooden house and has lived quietly ever since.
16.) A fortress house (Missouri). It took 4 years to build this house in the cave. It is energy efficient covering up heating and cooling needs.

17. Floating House. Despite of having a yacht and a villa the designer Dymitr Malcew created this amazing house combining the endless view of the skyline and the tranquility of the sea …
“The Floating house was designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep.”
18. The Hobbit House (Wales). It’s exactly like the one in the movie...
…though it has a more modern aura. It was built by Simon & Jasmine Dale.
Dreamy houses are everywhere out there. No matter how much they cost they are like a treasure to their owners. The most important thing when it comes to a home is to really love it and feel secure and cozy inside it. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford villas, mansions or residences but all of us can have a house that speaks to our soul and be our retreat!

Source: Viralnova

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