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A cat finds out the meaning of life!

Monday, 9 June 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Cats are the protagonists of numerous photos on the internet. This cat though is unique. His name is Shironeko and is far the happiest feline you've ever seen. His favorite pose is a short of smirk, showing that he enjoys every moment. Probably the "white cat" as it means his name in Japanese has taken lessons of the Japanese philosophy and lives his life according to the Zen school.
Placid and relaxed enjoys the contact with nature. No matter if he is taking a nap, or just lounging around he is unbelievably pleased! Those photos are dedicated to those who pass their lives in anxiety. Stop for a while…relax, breathe and enjoy. Life is too short and this cat seems to know it. We should too!
You can watch videos of Shironeko here, on his YouTube channel. Having nothing to bother him or his fellow cats, they seem to have discovered the true meaning of life. Smiling constantly and spending his day wandering around makes us jealous of the simplicity of his life. It's rather impossible for most of us to live our lives so chilled out, however we should keep in mind that this cat may live longer than us or just better than us. So, let's relax a bit; we should take a few minutes break, doing nothing and thinking nothing at all! Share his awesome (and adorable) outlook on life by clicking the button below.

Source: Viralnova

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