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What if you could carry your bike like you’re carrying your umbrella? An extremely brilliant idea relieves us of storing and carrying our bicycles!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Due to traffic and environmental pollution millions of people throughout the planet have chosen bikes us their main mode of transportation. Many of us have been put in an awkward position trying to carry our bike on the subway, at the stairs or even at work. Especially in the cities where space is rare, storing your bike is rather inconvenient even in your apartment!
Having all these in mind, Gianluca Sada from Sada Bikes, invented an incredible storage solution that will ease all riders.

Take a closer look to this bike. Though at first It looks like a normal one, it’s far from that!
We are displaying the spoke less bike! No more stress on the subway platform about the waiting crowd!
As you can see in the picture below it has the size of an umbrella and can be hold up like one.
By removing the wheels, you can fold the frame and it won’t take you more than a few seconds!
Eventually you would be able to carry your bike everywhere.
This exceptional project will increase the use of bikes considering the convenient storing and will fortunately minimize the bike thefts considering that people could bring their bikes inside everywhere they are. On top of everything, the more people use bikes the better for the environment!
We should all consider buying one of those as soon as they are produced for the public!

Sources: Viralnova, Sada Bikes

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