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The most mature answer by a little boy who has been told that he must bid farewell his beloved dog!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
For all of us who owned a dog saying goodbye was a devastating experience, mostly when our pet had suffered from injuries or terminal diseases. Because dogs aren't just a companion, it's beyond that. Dogs are the most loyal friends, asking for nothing but giving their love freely. They are always there to play, to comfort, and to stand by you. They seem to know this by instinct and that is why it is so difficult losing them. So when this 6 six year old’s best friend was nearing the end and all around him were saddened by the tragedy of a dog’s short life, his explanation was the most mature thing could anyone hear. You’ll be astounded!
This boy's courage should make us all be more strong and aware of the inevitable. Owing a pet is a responsibility as it is a great experience. So when the end is close and we have to be apart from our beloved companion Shane's words would be a comfort to everyone. The maturity that he showed besides his young age it should be something to remember and keep our composure so as our little ones have the dearest goodbye.

Source: Viralnova

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