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See what happens when it isn't your lucky day...but someone is there to frame it on time!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Everything seemed to go well until bad luck struck. Funny moments shared with friends or family that turned into a personal nightmare! These funny photos and videos are taken at the right moment to reveal what happens when someone is doing irrational actions... When the inevitable is close thank God there is someone close to photograph it! These hapless people dish out the laughter, but some of them are really in pain!

1. Don’t you think you are too far? Hold your horses…
2. She should have a pony tail so that we could see her expression.
3. Can you imagine what comes next? BOOM!
4. Hapless boy...That must have hurt a lot!
5. Why my swing? You knew it, that’s why you are giggling now…
6. Gotcha!
7. Lego Attack!
8. Geese are not your puppies! You shouldn’t try this!
9. I’m watching you little girl…
10. You should definitely NOT try this! Recklessness can be troublesome! She wasn’t that happy at the end..
11. Funny but dangerous!
12. What could go wrong?
13. They posted his photo at the entrance, as the most dangerous client ever.
14. If you get too emotional by the song, you'll get burnt!
15. Sorry boss...
16. You’re going to like it, aren’t you?
17. Be aware! Mum is dancing a bit aggressively though.
18. You are too big for this toy car…
19. Unavoidably..
Unbelievable moments! The conclusion is that we all be prepared to have our cell phones in alert and take photos of the funniest moments we share with our friends. Although the protagonists of the pictures and videos above weren’t laughing at all, the rest of us double up with laughter!

Sources: Buzzfeed, Viralnova

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