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It looks like a huge cocoon, though it’s an impressive tree house restaurant.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
This Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, developed by New Zealand based Pacific Environment Architects in collaboration with Yellow Pages is located north of Auckland. Suspended 130-Feet above the ground is an incredibly unique construction. It’ s dimensions are a little bit more than 30 feet wide and less than 40 feet high. It carries only 18 seats suspended around a large redwood tree. The other places such as kitchen and bathrooms are located on the ground. It offers a unique sense of being on a birds nest and sharing the great view of green forest and blue sky.
We are far from the days that tree houses where the place where we kissed secretly, smoke for the first time or confessing our secrets to our friends… Now, they are places which offer high quality food or even accommodation.
To have this result they tied up timber to build the main structure, the curved fins are glue-laminated pine, and redwood milled from the site are used in the walkway balustrading. Plantation poplar slats wrap around the tree and create interesting textured spaces that allow natural light to radiate throughout the interior. The circular concept is also designed to be weather resistant, with acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof and vertical roll-down blinds on the interior.
Sources: Mymodernmet, Pacific Environment Architects

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