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How we put our health at a great risk by eating banned foods.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
It’s impossible to think that in the United States there are still foods so toxic and dangerous which in other countries are already banned from being served. Instead of serving foods enriched with vitamins they still permit heavily processed foods and chemicals to dish out. That can cause minor or even major health problems.
Many of you might have consumed some of those foods in the past few hours without exaggeration.

The most common: the burgers you can find in almost every corner in the US.

Chicken served in fast foods is completely dangerous…see for yourself!

Can you imagine that this poison is in your chicken nuggets?

Here comes the chemicals in pork chops.

You definitely don’t need that kind of energy!

That marvelous color in your plate wasn’t from a plant was TAR

The good thing is that they are washed the worst is that they use chemicals.

You will probably want to stop eating bread.

What is common between sneaker soles and bread?

The preservatives are worst than rancid food.

How fast they grow and how healthy they are!

Mutants? Weren’t only the ninja turtles.

Last week they were babies...

Moms love their babies but not food companies.

They’ve found a solution to overpopulation.

Light products don’t reduce fat but vitamins!
It’s a fact that numerous processed foods and additives are dangerous for the population’s health, however the United States has yet to ban them. The only way to be sure nowadays is to start growing your own fruits and vegetables in your back yard…They won’t grow in a week!
More people should know just what they are eating. Share this information with others.

Sources: Viralnova, Piximus

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