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Amazing Photos arouse your imagination and play tricks with your mind!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Most of the photos we are taking are showing the obvious, however if we take a closer look to the photos below we will realize that something else is leaping out… A few minutes of your time are enough to find out a different prospect of these photos. Some of them are romantic and some others are just funny. All of them though show us that sometimes we should have an eye for detail…that makes the difference. Enjoy!

1. Would you like tasting my eye? It’s from an excellent grape variety!
2. There are not only the hills but the small island nearby with the trees…a violin!
3. Hey…maybe I’m your destiny! The dog already knows!
4. Hair and beard at once!
5. The world has turned upside down!
6. Pieces of art!
7. Yes! You are my hero!
8. This bride wanted to be…the tallest!
9. Really, is he floating?
10. Another illusion…
11. No. It’s not in here. The dog didn’t eat it!
12. Poor fellow…your wife seems so innocent!
13. Is that the coast or you can ride it on?
14. This is a tricky one! Can You do it?
15. For her age her melons are very erect.
16. Are they really moving?
17. Gotcha … you are hiding in that T-shirt!
18. My cut looks so nice in this photo, I should make her a model cat.
19. I’ve been looking at this one for quite a time but…
20. I told you so, at midnight the spells will break…where is the beautiful girl that I fell in love with?
21. Hey, where are your hands?
22. Who’s the bad now?
23. Two bodies one head nature's fault or photo trick?
24. Can you figure it out? I can’t!
Wasn’t it fantastic! I think I need to see them again. Most of the photos are instant and not meant to be so funny or tricky. The result though mess your mind completely! Share with your friends and try to find out what they are thinking of them. The more they’ll see it the better the understanding!

Source: Amazngfacts

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