Affordable dream houses you can reducing square meters!

Affordable dream houses you can reducing square meters!

It’s impressive what you can do with a shipping container. You are about to see some outstanding designs! To begin with, you only need $2,000. That’s how much a ship container costs. So you have the main frame. To continue all you need is good taste and imagination. The only problem facing is the lack of space, but I am sure they will find a solution to this soon.
Here are some remarkable suggestions on how to create and decorate your future home!

1. Out in the field, enjoying a cup of coffee right from your bed!

2. Perfect color and design…on the roof there is a small garden.

3. A bit lifted up and the windows make it almost like an ordinary country house.

4. Every designer must envy this pattern!

5. Perfectly integrated!

6. Something from the future.

7. They didn’t even bother to paint it.

8. I would definitely live here.

9. Winter scenery, exact color!.

10. Not exactly stylish, but best value for money.

11. Not only you have a balcony but a big deck on the roof too.

12. What about an indoor pool?

13. The perfect camouflage; where exactly do you live?

14. The owners of these houses love their life and prove it.

15. It’s amazing what people can do when they are inspired!
I would like to underline the act that these shipping containers are recycled materials. It’s the least we could do to protect the environment. It’s not easy to live in such small houses but the cost should be something to remember at least for a country house. Can you imagine the savings? Share it with others.

Source: Viralnova
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