We're probably heading into a looooooong stretch of every other fantasy movie trying to look as much like "Game of Thrones" as possible. "THOR: THE DARK WORLD," at least, has the excuse of being directed by actual GoT-veteran Alan Taylor.

Either way; DAMN, but this looks good. I still enjoyed Kenneth Brannagh's cheeky "Golan-Globus with money" take in the first one, but this one looks appropriately bigger and grander as befits the first Marvel movie that's really going to feel constant pressure to "live-up" to "The Avengers" thanks to it featuring the return of Loki.

The God of Mischief is, of course, all over the new trailer - dig that moment with him and Jane Foster. I like that we're still running firmly on comics-logic, wherein a villain can nearly destroy an entire city, likely killing thousands, and because it's good-guy/bad-guy team-up time the "blowback" can be limited to dirty looks and maybe a slap from the supporting cast. Yeah, sure, this guy is technically the greatest force of evil in this history of this universe's Earth... but we'll deal with that later - there's a quest to be had! Still preferable to not acknowledging it at all, though...

Pre-release has been marred by talk of an intensely troubled production; reports of Natalie Portman being furious at her preferred director being removed from the film (I will be very surprised if Jane Foster is alive at the end of this) and rumors of Taylor clashing with the producers to the extent that large portions of the film have actually been (discreetly) handled by other directors. All that could be true, apart from Whedon's relative free-reign on "Avengers" the Marvel movies are the most openly and overwhelmingly producer-driven blockbusters in awhile, but the if the movie turns out good that's really beside the point.

UPDATE: 2:20. That's a KRONAN. Awesome.
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