7 Year Old "Robot Chicken" Sketch Becomes Feature-Length Romantic Drama

Oh c'mon, you didn't forget  Lisa, did you?

Remember all those jokes about guys getting "crushes" on technology from the seemingly-distant past when vocal-interfaces having gentle, nonthreatening, compliant female-sounding voices was a brand new thing? A chuckle-worthy gag so immediately dated that it got a showing in the "Sex & The City" movie? (Hell, remember THAT being a thing?)

Well, now it's the premise of "HER;" a movie which stars Joaquin Phoenix as, essentially, a lonely guy who wants to fuck Siri. BUT! It's a Spike Jonze movie, with Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Babe In The Machine, so it's probably going to be good and definitely going to be worth seeing.

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