System Failure

George Zimmerman, found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Take it away, Bugs...

Hypothetically speaking... exactly how bad do things in Florida have to get before it can be declared a failed state? Because right now, I would not have one single ethical, moral or even political issue with federal troops being deployed to occupy the damn place on the grounds that it's leaders and citizenry have - by electing a government that ultimately includes this incompetent prosecution and corruption-infected police department - demonstrated themselves dangerously incapable of self-government. I'm aware that this is probably "un-Constitutional" (whatever that means anymore) - I just don't think it would wrong at this point. And Texas? You're gettin' there, too.

Y'know... certain entities in the U.S. media (who, incidentally, are celebrating tonight) like to bray on about how "urban" youth - mostly, but not all, "persons of color" - often go about with a reflexive, deeply-ingrained mistrust of the law, legal-authority and police in general. Well, let me ask you a question: When you demonstrate to people, time and time again, that the law will not protect them... that the law will favor, assume-just and ultimately allow the acquittal of those who would wrong them up to and including murder... what the FUCK do you expect they're opinion of the law to be?

I'm aware that some people are worried about "rioting" over this verdict. Sadly, that's a legitimate concern. Know what's sadder? That while they (or I) might have to fear a riot after this or that few and far-apart court cases, there are many more people who have to fear the presence of gun-toting, race-profiling, vigilante dipshits like George Zimmerman (and the legal system that ignores and abets them) every day of their lives.
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